Sure I use the destructive ones plenty ( kicking the dog, drinking, judging, wigging out.) But when I manage to employ these I feel better about myself after the storm.
  1. Find a reason to be grateful
    And there is always at least one. Always.
  2. Cultivate compassion for yourself, and for those implicated in your storm
    Would any person have difficulty in your circumstance? Probably. Would you judge them so harshly? Probably not. And if you would then recognize that in itself is a coping strategy. Do you live inside a vacuum? If not, consider the impact of your behavior on those around you, even in struggle. If so, then get the hell out before the dust bunnies eat you.
  3. Take responsibility
    I love blaming but it's always better on the other side. Empowered instead of victimized.
  4. Care for yourself
    Something big. Something small. It just has to be for you.
  5. One thing at a time
    It's the only way anything actually gets done.
  6. Ask for what you need
    Your people want to help. And they'll be more satisfied if they are actually helpful. So tell them.
  7. Connect the dots
    Life is more meaningful when connected to a bigger picture... And if life if struggle then the more connected our struggles are to other people, a larger context, a shared story, then the more meaningful they'll be.
  8. Go outside. Look at something beautiful. Smell something nice. Enjoy your senses even if only for a moment.