Requested by Hannah! True accounts right here. Excluding all beds, couches and car rides.
  1. Floor of Avalon Library
    I distinctly remember waking up to a woman in a yellow shirt asking me if I was okay. All good!
  2. My car in parking lots
    This happens too often. Before I get out of my car sometimes I take a nap. Last week it was before I had to return one thing at urban outfitters. When I commuted to Temple it happened a lot right after class a little nap in the parking lot.
  3. Bathroom floor after I take a shower
    All wrapped up in towels
  4. Grateful Dead concert
    Just tired and needed to lay down
  5. Phillies Game junior year of HS
    Again quick nap
  6. Molly Kleins shore house stairs
    Unsure about this but I do remember it happening
  7. Lawn of Susquehanna Bank Center
    This is inevitable. After a long day of drinking vodka and lemonade mixed drinks in a parking lot, it's just bound to happen during the concert.