1. Having experienced dial-up internet
    That deafening tone I could hear for the amount of time it takes me to go to the bathroom, pour a glass of water and microwave a Mac n cheese.
  2. VHS tapes
    And having to set the VCR timer to record my favourite show I was not able to watch at the scheduled time and realising that I forgot to fast forward the tape to the end of the last episode and ending up taping over it and omg this is so frustrating!
  3. Cassette tapes
    When you try to rewind it by putting a pencil through it and twisting it endlessly.
  4. Mp3 players
    What an awesome new device to play your music! Why am I always running out of batteries?
  5. MySpace
    Remember when you could customise your page to make it suit your personality and style? You learned HTML for this... Now no one even looks at it. You can't even remember your password.
  6. Hi5
    Join my friend circle! Give me a 5!
  7. Registering for Facebook with only your .edu email account
    And not a high school either. But... Like what happens after I graduate?
  8. When you read actual newspapers that left ink stains on your hands
    Now I just scroll through Facebook... Who even needs to read newspapers anymore?
  9. The sound of a Gameboy made you jump
    The best game ever invented is still Tetris. I don't care what you say.
  10. When owning the encyclopedia CD-ROM meant all your classmates would gather at your house to do research.
    And you actually borrowed books from the library too and carried those heavy blocks to and from school.
  11. MSN messenger
    Remember when this first had video chat? You're like having video chats with all your friends whom you're not even really that close to... And then you would schedule these chats because dial-up internet means you can't use the phone.
  12. ICQ
    The best and worst thing about this was that you could see the other person typing in real time. Even if you make mistakes and typos and delete what you started typing. Basically there is no deleting.