I'm a Nathan girl just fyi
  1. Jimmy remember those great times on the river court. I just want to handcuff mouth to him to make sure he doesn't get left behind
  2. Dan basically got away with what Steve jobs tried to do in the movies based on his life(don't attack me I know nothing about Steve jobs outside the movies)
  3. Why is everyone okay with Lucas just being forgotten. How is this okay in the south?
  4. Haley is annoying from the first episode. I loved Haley when I first watched it, but I hate her right now because of the stress she causes me in season 2
  5. Awwww Nathan with acne! He's human peeps.
  6. "The prettier the girl the messier the car"- Keith. This is an instant confidence boost
  7. "Don't say I never gave you anything" I won't Nathan. You gave me unrealistic standards for love
  8. I wish I looked like this in high school
  9. I wish I was the girl that made Nathan good
  10. Okay that's all right now
  11. "No means no" does not apply when Nathan is trying to get Haley to tutor him
  12. They need red light cameras in tree hill
  13. The most popular girl in school has a webcam constantly on her. 1. Does this sound like the actions of a popular girl 2. Whyy are there not more stalkers 3. See what I did with the yy