Followers {v1.0.1}

  1. Still not much to speak of, but it's pretty early.
    40 at the time of posting. Don't get us wrong, we love each and every one of you; you're beautiful and have impeccable taste.
  2. Not very vocal.
    Likes and relists are totally happening, but no comments. Maybe they don't think that our support team is listening, but we ARE and we need the fucking feedback. How else can we build the right products if our user-base is silent? Or, maybe there is no criticism and we're crushing it like @JeremyPivot—one of our idols. But please, speak up if you feel the spirit move inside of you! We're listening.
  3. No one has requested release notes about anything, but our ears are open.
    Just ask, we'll let you know what's new in the world of ______. (Except @Nicholas, he made a list request, but he fucking works at @list so that barely counts)
  4. Did we mention how good looking you are?
    ^^ us rn.
  5. UPDATE: People weren't commenting because we're assholes. See comments. We'll try not to cut too deep going forward but we make no promises! We don't know ourselves!
  6. UPDATE 2: We got 2 more list requests and we are PSYCHED. Slated for release tomorrow.