1. Slight odor that's still kind of appetizing, but also setting off some lizard brain safety flags.
    You'll keep smelling it twice and putting it back in the fridge just to tweet about it; looking for guidance/sympathy. It's probably just a little mold you can scrape off.
  2. Feels abandoned. Unfulfilled.
  3. Someone took a bite of it.
    You're mad, but shut up, you know you put shit in this fridge like every other day and you've never actually eaten any of your fucking leftovers and the office manager has definitely noticed. You first felt the side-eye after leaving a bagel w/lox and cream cheese in there for two weeks and you could smell the capers from the conference room. But you still put leftovers in there ALL THE TIME. Never eating but always peeking, waiting for the office manager to reach a rage point and trash it all.
  4. Probably edible.