1. You can now coolly unbutton your fly.
    2 drink minimum.
  2. You don't require blackout curtains anymore.
  3. You can almost focus while receiving oral.
    It's ok, they totally seem into it. They even asked to do it and said they couldn't wait for you to .. um.. well, you know... "Finish" (for fear of a better word.)
  4. You only think about God after you cum.
    There, I said it.
  5. You can stand naked in front the mirror for 3 whole minutes before crying.
    Then you can masturbate. It hardly feels like the climax of anything, but at least you'll be less stressed out for at least 20 minutes.
  6. You can fall asleep before your partner...
    ...without even asking, "Did you think of me?" (Out loud at least)
  7. Your sexual hang ups are no longer sexually transferable.
  8. Your partner cries less.
    So you cry less—although anxiety is a little higher.
  9. Less aborted orgasms.