1. Not even sure what to put here anymore.
  2. More bros. Up like 12%
  3. More coffee shops.
    But lower quality cups.
  4. Vintage guitar sales down 32%
    Other musical equipment sales down 14%
  5. Most of your friends left and moved to Los Angeles, Philly or Bushwick because they got priced fucking out or annoyed.
    Two even moved to Detroit. You should think about it.
  6. The J. Crew is thriving.
  7. Nobody is having sex with anyone.
    There's zero chemistry. The "novelty-fucking" bored and depressed everyone after a while.
  8. The "Miami" waterfront grows.
  9. Lol, property values slightly down because of the L train shutdown.
    This might be what saves this fucking neighborhood.
  10. Beard Oil is 25% off, in more stores than you'd expect.
  11. Brooklyn Bowl still blows.
    The Gutter forever.
  12. UPDATE: Their Whole Foods has a fucking La Croix cake.