There are so many facets of this ongoing experience I could share. Up until now only family on Facebook knew of anything. I found this app after seeing BJ Novak on Daily Show. This is an interesting outlet. I'm a fairly private person but once you've spent time in a hospital complete strangers know more about your body than you do.
  1. Acceptance
    I accepted my diagnosis. I surrendered to medical plan. I asked God to give me the patience and feeling of peace needed to weather the storm.
  2. Gratitude
    I've met some amazing people both in the hospital and out. Anyone trying to weather cancer alone is missing out. It really does take a village of love, peace, and understanding. I'm sitting in chemo right now. I know my nurse, my MOA, and even the the cleaning crew on this floor.
  3. Patience
    Cancer remission is not a sprint. I've been in remission for almost 6 months. I go to Chemo 5 days a week. I'm in a month on/month off cycle. One more week then I get a week off. I look forward to Fridays as my port is finally de-accessed. I've never broken a bone, but having to plastic wrap yourself to shower is a major pain. I recommend 3M brand transpore tape... It's easy on body hair.
  4. Life is too short.
    My ID, reluctantyouth, says a lot. I've been reluctant to do many things my whole life. Now I'm planning things months in advance. I have no major vacations planned, but have been planning concerts around chemo.
  5. Family
    You are going to have bad days. You're going to get tired of people asking you how you feel. You are going to get annoyed with family as they try to understand what you are going through. Be thankful you have family. Pick your battles wisely. Be empathetic to their efforts to love and support you.