1. Leukemia is not hereditary.
  2. There are many types with different treatments.
  3. Less than 1,000 people a year are diagnosed with APL, which I have
  4. 10 years ago there was no cure for APL.
  5. You can get small increments of arsenic daily for months at a time. Who knew arsenic was used to treat blood cancers?
  6. Insurance is a privilege. I cannot put into words how lucky I've been. My insurance company has paid out close to 1.5 million and counting.
  7. Movies and TV shows never get it right.
    Forget about privacy, chemo effects everyone differently, on average people spend 1-6 hours in a treatment session, not every pukes, there are so many different side effects to list
  8. A hobby can do wonders.
    Legos have kept me sane. My hands may be shaky, but there's something about creating a model from a pile of bricks.
  9. A positive attitude saves...
    From day 1 in the hospital, I was told I'd spend a month inpatient. I stayed positive. I exercised ever day. I was out of hospital in two weeks and on my way towards remission. I've been in treatment for 6 months now, my positive attitude he never wavered.