Originally this was gunna be "10 Thoughts I Have @ 3:30 AM" but I only had 9 things and this I finished writing it at 4 so the time didn't seem appropriate anymore...
  1. Why am I awake? I should have skipped the second cup of coffee.
  2. My coffee obsession, though new, needs to end soon. I want to go back to the times I could be sleep by 10 pm everyday.
  3. I would love to use this app to make witty, insightful, and overall interesting list. However, I'm not really that witty. I'm already off to a bad start if they're supposed to be insightful. And let's face it, I can't promise that they're all gunna be interesting.
  4. *reads over #3* I'm always so hard on myself. Like being your biggest critic is cool and being real with yourself is cool but I almost wish that I was just an uber confident.. Even borderline narcissistic. Narcissism is always seen as bad but I kinda admire those type of people cause they believe in themselves no matter what.
  5. I think I'm rambling.
  6. I don't understand "Robot Chicken" It just isn't funny or even slightly entertaining.
  7. My 21st birthday is in 7 days and I'm super excited. I really love birthdays. They're really special to me.
  8. Exchange by Bryson Tiller is etched into my brain. I hear it all the time even when it's not playing. It's not necessarily a bad thing though...
  9. Ok.. It may actually be a bad thing. The song is 10/10 but it just brings me to a place I don't want to be. Who wants to be in their bag 24/7?