This is an ongoing list.
  1. Though not the cutest picture this night was really so much fun. I lost my wallet but still decided I needed to make sure I had fun that so it would be worth it. And I had the time of my life. We danced all night and were so carefree. I was really at peace that day.
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  2. *sap warning* I really believe in love. And this picture just makes me happy. (Wow... I may have a heart¿?) But seriously, I'm so excited to give and receive love... Plus Daria is my favorite show. And Mack is the most attractive cartoon I've ever seen. (Look @ that jawline!)
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  3. In the age of technology this picture is really so refreshing... I get so engulfed in social media and making sure a moment is captured instead of actually ENJOYING the moment, in the moment.. It's something I'm working on.
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  4. Last but not least, I love my brother more than anything on this earth. He's such a kind, smart, loving, and truly genuine person. It's been so amazing to watch him grow up and become the amazing human being he is today. There's nothing I want more than to be the best sister, role model, and friend to him. 💗
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  5. This is one of my favorite pictures. It's prob obvious that someone who goes by 'mirrorpicmami' would love a mirror pic of herself. I love how you have full control how you look in a mirror picture. It's something that you can't do if someone else holds the camera. That prob brings up a deeper point but I'm not gunna acknowledge it..
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