I turn 24 on Sunday and I feel like I need a "30 before 30" bucket list. I'm officially inspired to try and figure out who I am and what I like most in this world. Less go.
  1. Read all seven Harry Potter books.
  2. Read all the books in Series of Unfortunate Events.
  3. Visit 2 new countries.
  4. Visit 5 new states.
  5. Drink at all of the breweries in Minnesota
  6. Eat my way through Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives in Minnesota
  7. Find a hobby
  8. Go to a comedy show
  9. Create something for my home
  10. Take a risk
  11. Learn what I'm passionate about
  12. Sustain a blog
  13. Feel confidant with my body
  14. Find three people to be inspired by
  15. Create a piece of art
  16. Go to a music festival
  17. Take classes about a topic I'm interested in
  18. Have $7,000 in my savings account
  19. Pay off one of my student loans
  20. Run a 5k without walking any of it
  21. Treat my mom to something special
  22. Find a way to contact my dad
  23. Learn to code and use design software
  24. Do freelance work
  25. Take a painting class (even if it is one of those wine and canvas places)
  26. Be known for a certain dish
  27. Own a Twins jersey
  28. Volunteer consistantly
  29. Get a full spa treatment
  30. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant