A compilation by myself, Gaby, Dakota, and Tiff.
  1. I feared I was going to be on fire a lot...
    We did "Stop, drop, and roll" so much in school, I thought I would be on fire more often.
  2. I thought I would meet more people who went to boarding school.
    Maybe because I watched a lot of movies where the kids went to a boarding school? I don't know.
  3. That when people burned a CD, they were literally burning a CD.
  4. Expecting everyone in high school to be hot based on how hot all the high schoolers in the OC were.
  5. That people ate frozen pizzas frozen...
    "Tiff, would you like a frozen pizza?" "No! Why would I want to eat a frozen pizza?!"
  6. The Bible was not written by God.
  7. The difference between condoms and condos.