I'm bored and these are kind of funny.
  1. Wanna hang out?
    From: Brittany
  2. It's not too late to fight back against hair loss!
    From: Keranique Hair Treatment (seriously the spacing is that messed up...)
  3. I want to buy your timeshare
    From: Ryan {Timeshare Expert}
  4. Looking to retire? Special Offers for Belize.
    From: BuyBelize.com
  5. View their sexy video gallery
    From: ***SEXY MILF DATING***
  6. Another Obama Blunder?
    From: Solar Panel Offers
  7. Mrs. Myrlene Behunin tells that she loves Renae Lin
    (oh my god oh my god I'm dying) From: Mrs. Myrlene Behunin