Hi my name is Renata and I am not very good. I thought I'd make this list (li.st?) to mentally note everything about myself that I don't think is horrible. It might be kind of a short list. I don't have any followers, so what's the harm? P.S. there are just 2 pictures and they're both selfies, sorry
  1. My lips are nice!
    I think I have pretty kissable lips, maybe? I wouldn't know for sure, because no guy has ever wanted to be near me... but lipstick looks good on me. (Who does lipstick NOT look good on though?)
  2. I like making lunches for my sisters! (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH COOKING)
    I'm kind of a perfectionist, and I really enjoy putting together school lunches every morning for my younger sisters. Cutting up fruits and veggies, making sandwiches and slicing them the way they prefer it sliced... okay, the more I talk about it, the lamer it seems so maybe we'll just move on.
  3. I do the grocery shopping so you don't have to!
    Well, I don't really know you, so I probably won't be doing YOUR grocery shopping. But I'm such a control freak that I don't like trusting anyone else in my family to do the shopping, so that leaves me to mosey down the aisles at a glacial pace. Confession time: I just spent like, $50 on reusable bags.
  4. I'm okay at makeup!
    Okay, my eyeshadow skills leave something to be desired, and I lack the ability to match foundation to my skin, but besides that, I'm ya girl! I mean, you should've seen what I looked like when I woke up the morning I took that selfie.
  5. I have really great taste!
    Everyone thinks they do, but I'm right. If I didn't hate my body, I'd be really well-dressed and adorable, just like I was in high school. #sadliness
  6. I make everyone else look good by comparison!
    I ran out of good things about me, oops. This is a really depressing list. Hopefully it's depressing and relatable or something. Probably not.