I'm sooo busy.
  1. Honor our veterans
    (By calling my dad & seeing if he needs help with his iTunes)
  2. Attend a matinee of The Martian
    The best part of random weekdays off is uncrowded movie matinees!!
  3. Finish reading Winter
    Ahhh! I hope everything works out okay for my fave Space Teens!
  4. Gaze lovingly at my cat
    He is very handsome.
  5. Read one of the other 500 books I have checked out?
    All my holds came in at once PLUS I have a Worst Bestsellers book PLUS there's television
  6. Watch the Hamilton 60 minutes episode
    And cry about it probably.
  7. Catch up on my stories
    I hope Victor Garber is doing okay on The Flash.
  8. Clean my bathroom??
    This should be a higher priority than it actually is.
  9. Yoga class
    Unless the Y is closed for Veteran's Day? They're not, are they? If they are: pretend to do a yoga DVD but mostly just stare at my cat.
  10. Stare at my phone for hours before bed
    Eventually pass out. In AMERICA.