1. Landon standing on top of a giant tree stump in the forest as the sun was going down hands on his hips he looked like a king
  2. Me and Alexis in a blanket nest (it's like 0 degrees in her house) watching some old movie in the dark
  3. Me at the top of this mountain on a tower leaning all my weight against the rail it's a 20 foot drop to the bottom
  4. Me and my friends taking up the he whole back row of the movie theater the light from the projector shining over our heads
  5. Me lying down in the back of my moms car in my homecoming dress at the steak and shake drive thru
  6. Alexis sitting across from me at the table in Starbucks laughing her ass of about a vine that played way to loud
  7. Rhianna Brittany Alexis and I sitting crisscross on the rug trading halloween candy
  8. All ten people at a soccer game last year bundled up with blankets and drinking hot chocolate
  9. The seniors screaming at each other while high at the homecoming game
  10. Me on the bus to state with Melanie singing obnoxiously loud to some pop song
  11. Running on the beach at night during Brittany's party
  12. Me laying on the scaffolding behind the set during a half hour scene because I got stuck after the set change