1. Love is a choice that you make and you have to make it everyday
  2. People will think they know better and sometimes you should just let them do what they have to do
  3. You have to let people make their own decisions
  4. If there's something off about someone's appearance that can't be fixed in under five minutes don't say anything about it
  5. People who don't believe in anything are not to be messed with
    This doesn't mean god or gods or God you just have to believe in something even if something is shooting stars or a kindergarten note or a ring
  6. The more school you go through the dumber you get
  7. Be soft and gentle the world is rough enough without you
  8. It's ok if you're still trying to figure yourself out its only highschool. It's ok if it takes the rest of your life to get it right
  9. Support your friends, if it's what they really want have their back
  10. Stop playing the who could care less game nobody wins
  11. Everyone matters
  12. Listen to what people have to say really listen