1. Amandla Stenberg as me
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    Celeb look-alike and I adore her
  2. Cierra Ramirez as Alexis
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    50% of this choice is the height difference
  3. Chloë grace mortez as Haley
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  4. Sara Hyland as Mandy
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  5. Janel Parrish as Sonia
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  6. Allegra Carpenter as Rhiana
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  7. Halston Sage as Maelyn
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    I'm trying
  8. Dane dehaan as Cade
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    He is way to old for this cast but I will not have a movie without him and if you squint reAlly hard and make him shorter he could totally be cade... I mean Squint
  9. I have more friends than that but those are the basics