I grew up in the birthplace of Sheetz and now live in Wawa country. Sheetz keeps making me sad, despite its wider variety of options and offerings and better atmosphere.
  1. Regardless of how many people are working or waiting at sheetz, I almost always wait at least 10 minutes for everything. This would be at least understandable if it was made well, but...
  2. My food at Sheetz is subpar about 95% of the time. They take forever to make something that looks like they threw it together haphazardly.
  3. There is no consistency at Sheetz. Different workers and different stores will make menu items differently so I never know what to expect. Wawa is very consistent.
  4. The people behind the counter making the food at Sheetz are frequently teenagers more interested in socializing than working.
  5. You have to pay extra for things like cheese at Sheetz. If you get extra cheese, you pay even more. This would be fine if they actually gave you extra, but they really don't.
  6. Food that should be hot is frequently cold at Sheetz.
  7. Wawa bakes their bread in the store.
  8. Wawa gives you the ability to choose normal, a lot, or a little on most condiments.
  9. When I want my roll toasted at Sheetz so that my sandwich is actually warm, it always ends up burnt.
  10. Sheetz frequently forgets to put parts of the order in my bag.
  11. I have heard the teens working at Sheetz making fun of my order.
  12. More than a few times, the details of my order were wrong when I got it because they weren't paying much attention to what they were doing. (See: teens socializing more than working.)
  13. I'm tired of complaining about Sheetz. I don't want free coupons they always try to give me when my order is wrong. I just want them to be as good as they used to be before they were more concerned with being cool.