The worst the worst the worst
  1. I confirmed my renewal with my provider. Why do I have to call and confirm with the government?
  2. Don't tell me my wait time is 20 minutes. I've been on hold for 44:12 now.
  3. You say "if you'd like to speak to a representative, say 'representative'" so I do. Clearly. You don't understand me 3 times and so automatically send me to a representative. To wait. FOREVER. FOR EV ER.
  4. The endless loop of this "peaceful" music is making me want to punch something
  5. The next available representative is actually going to assist someone else because that's how lines work. They aren't going to assist me until I get to the front of this line, by which point I'm probably going to fall asleep
  6. I should have called in the middle of the night. But I can't hang up now and do that because I've already been on hold for 48:40
  7. This is how I'm spending my Friday evening.
  8. This. After 60 minutes, this.