One day my house will have...
  1. A big bed. I'm talking a King size.
  2. A nice bathtub.
    One that has a nice comfy angle for my back to rest on.
  3. A comfy couch.
  4. A dog.
    Everyone wants a dog but idc I really want one too.
  5. Awesome lighting.
    Yellow tinted lights not the yucky white ones.
  6. Candles galore.
  7. Pillows pillows pillows.
  8. A record player.
  9. A vegetable garden.
  10. A flower garden.
  11. TREEEEEEES (I want to live in the country)
  12. A porch swing.
    AKA sunset seat.
  13. A piano.
  14. Hardwood floors.
  15. The smaller the square footage of this house, the better.
  16. Enough space for many babies.
    Lol yea I said it.