Svetlana is my cousin. List includes mild things that exacerbate the bigger things.
  1. She insists on wearing matching clothes.
  2. She constantly goes on about the same things.
    Like how sometimes her bag won't match her clothes.
  3. She insists she's business minded.
    Whatever the fuck that means.
  4. She is "brand conscious"
    She'll ask you what brand of everything you own. What car you drive.
  5. She talks about money way too much.
    Blah blah blah pesos.
  6. She tries to speak on behalf of everyone.
    Examples follow.
  7. 1) she thinks she knows what suits her mom.
    "This [insert actually obviously ugly thing here] is so you."
  8. 2) she insisted we can't eat junk food...
    Because it goes against my "diet". Like. I don't have a fucking diet. Being vegetarian doesn't mean I'm picky. Shut the fuck up. "Oh we can't eat here because [insert missing Ate the disrespectful brat forgot to say] Renee can't have fast food."
  9. She complains every time a cousin/sibling does something to her
    Even if it's her fault that they did it in the first place/she basically started it/encouraged it
  10. She called her sister annoying on social media
  11. She is too blunt.
    She went around a store saying that everything was fake. She went around a shoe store yelling that the brands aren't good.
  12. She fucking talked behind my back I know she did
    I saw her say shit then all my cousins looked at me and laughed. Lucky for her I don't give a fuck what children think about me but she better watch it.
  13. When you try to tell her that she's wrong about something...
    She'll insist she's still right. Or she'll say it was her classmates that said it. Or she'll insist she's still right.
  14. She thinks tall starts at 6'4
    Shut. The. Fuck. Up. She also insists she's seen way more "tall" people then she really should because it's not common to be 6'4 or taller. But nooo she's seen 6'7 people.
  15. She cites her classmates a lot...
    Which she uses as justification for messed up shit she says
  16. If something won't go her way she refuses to do it
    Like my mom and I were tired so we didn't want her to be talking so loudly if she were to be in our room. She insisted she can't stay then, as though she were doing us the favor by being in our room. Also she refuses to come to America because she doesn't want to be considerate to people by watching what she says sometimes. She wants to always be able to say the messed up shit she says.
  17. Again, she's super loud and super repetitive
    Goes on about brands. Goes on about how she's business minded. Goes on about money. Goes on about her classmates. Goes on about how she wants to say whatever she wants.
  18. She insisted I was drunk
    When I wasn't. My last sip of beer had been 1-2 hours before she said that, and before then, I had been taking one sip of beer every 10-20 minutes. When I'm like not even drunk, I'm already red. I wasn't even red. But no. She kept insisting I was drunk. And kept making super condescending remarks about it even though she knows nothing about me or what drinking is like.
  19. She took the front seat of the car, insisting she needed the leg room.
    Then proceeded to make fun of all the people who would've actually needed the leg room who were squeezed in the back. Mocking sympathy for us.
  20. She always talks about herself and makes everything about herself.
    "Oh tatianna that's a nice shirt. It matches your shorts" Svetlana: "lol I can't forget about the guy at the dessert table yesterday that said my bag didn't match my outfit haha that was so funny..." yes. We got it the first time you told us, right after the incident happened. And also the 3 other times that night at dinner you said it. A 4th time was unnecessary.
  21. So anyway, sorry. My cousin is really annoying.
  22. She drove me crazy.
  23. She drove my mom crazy
  24. She drives everyone crazy.
  25. But she's still family.