Adding on as semester continues
  1. "I don't get why we need this theorem it looks so pointless, if all it does is find this length why can't we just find the length on our own."
    Well idk asshole, if you were smart enough to understand concepts, maybe you'd see that it also shows the fucking relationship between length and other shit. Cause idk. YOU CAN REARRANGE EQUATIONS WITH THE APPROPRIATE PROPERTIES.
  2. "Do you find the blah of the blah?" GSI: "um...uh...." "oh what about this?" GSI: "um" *turns away* "OH SO ITS NEITHER ONE? Ha fine ok"
  3. "Are we going to review before the quiz?" "No, quiz first" "Um i don't get it. Why can't we review before the quiz? It's like you're setting us up to fail and it seems really counterintuitive"
    Idk why don't you come to class on non quiz days when he actually does review for the quiz or just suck it up and study on your own like me