1. Plane landing in wrong airport
    "were we supposed to be going to Ukraine?"
  2. James and his new buddy
    "Are they... Are they drinking vodka on the bus?"
  3. Creepy hostel
    "Why are the lights all off?"
  4. Trying to get into the bathroom in complete darkness
    *woman emerges from darkness and eerily points the way to the bathroom.*
  5. Auschwitz Memorial engraving gone wrong
    Always remember, never forge
  6. No one really spoke English
    Almost got into a fight with a guy selling stale bread
  7. Theron's phone went missing in a mall and we went on a wild goose chase looking for it
    He left his phone next to him while sitting down. The moment he stood up, a friend grabbed it, and the lack of communication lead to us going around the mall for half an hour.