A list of opinions
  1. Sometimes you end up with someone who really doesn't understand what the essay needs to be about at all, so their input, when there is any, doesn't always help.
  2. I mean, it can always help with grammar and maybe making it more clear and concise, but sometimes you also get paired with someone who doesn't have good reading/writing skills either.
  3. I think the worst thing a teacher can do is make everyone share what their essay is about.
    One, some people have trouble addressing a whole class of strangers. Two, I don't need to know what people are writing about. I need to know how. 3. It causes unnecessary superiority/inferiority towards people based on essay topic quality
  4. I think it's good to help other people though, to read other essays, so that you can learn from them but also help them out.
    If you yourself know what you're doing.
  5. Still, it could be unfair because no peer is created equally, and so some people can benefit from that hour more/less than you and your partner.