The struggles. And context: this was after a nasty on and off relationship + huge fight that went complete ugly
  1. When you leave some stuff at their place, and you end up brushing your teeth with your finger and some toothpaste.
    And afterwards you feel an immense amount of shame, because you've taken having such a luxury for granted all these years.
  2. But then again you realize you spent a lot of time with them and now you don't know what to do
    In the not so desperate way, as the Michael Bolton song put it, "TELL ME HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU!"
  3. If you have no other friends in the area like me, you spend all your time lying down in bed
    Watching Netflix, pestering your long distance friends, and making pointless lists
  4. But then you have moments where you realize there's more opportunities in the future that you didn't have before, other than other people, now that they're not holding you back
    Like dancing more. Bringing your guitar with you because now you don't have to worry about them getting a headache from you practicing. Studying more without feeling like you're neglecting someone. Getting a part time job. Eating whatever the fuck you want.