The Evolution of My Hair

The good the bad, and the really ugly. Mainly the really ugly
  1. Baby Renee - short and curly
    Me with my grandpa at a party celebrating my baptism into the catholic faith in Cebu. Even back then my hair was a bitch.
  2. A kinda baby Renee - weird hair styles
    My Tita Eden and me. My mom and her friends enjoyed doing weird shit to my hair then. They enjoy doing weird shit to my hair now.
  3. Still kind of a baby Renee - shoulder length hair, parted.
    I had very healthy hair. Just look at it.
  4. Big sis Renee - chic
    Ok if I could pull of this hair style. TBH I thinks I'd have it. I know it wouldn't appeal to everyone but I would feel so cool. Short bangs and a bob. Yes please.
  5. Toddler Renee - tomboyish hair
    Yeah I hated dressing like a girl then and so I had hair to match.
  6. Toddler Renee continue - bowl cut
    My parents hated me.
  7. A few months later Renee - parted shoulder length bob
    Wavy hair, always parting my hair to the right so I can be like my dad.
  8. Child Renee - uncontrollable baby hairs
    And they still plague me today.
  9. 2nd grade/3rd grade Renee - shoulder length, relatively tame, parted to the right hair
    Didn't do much with my hair really at this point. I just focused on getting C's
  10. I can't find pictures but in the 5th grade I had long hair, parted right.
  11. 6th grade Renee - drastic changes were made
    I got some fucking bangs and chopped all my hair off. However it didn't always look this good
  12. 7th grade Renee - the drawbacks of 6th grade decisions
    My hair was not ready to be this short. It was damaged from the times I tried to permanently straighten it. So my bangs hated me.
  13. 7th grade Renee - +3 hours of work
    I could make do when I needed to make fucking do. I looked alright.
  14. 7th grade Renee - baseball cap era
    Sometimes I just didn't want to deal with my hair, so I hid it.
  15. 8th grade Renee - turning point
    I embraced my naturally wavy hair and constantly accessorized. I felt so cute.
  16. Freshman year Renee - Average
    Hair grew out a bit, waves straightened. No complaints yet...
  17. December 2011 Renee - bangs!
    I started watching a lot more anime.
  18. Sophomore year Renee - the birth of asymmetrical bangs
    I wanted the best of both worlds: Parted and fringe. So I did whatever that is.
  19. Summer before Junior year Renee - side bangs
    I wanted to frame my face well sue me.
  20. Junior year Renee - the continuation of monster bangs
  21. Also Junior Year Renee - started growing out the bangs and my hair
    I wanted to be have Pantene commercial worthy hair.
  22. Junior year Renee again again - Clipped Bangs
    Got ashamed of the bangs. Just wanted a side part already.
    I wanted to be cool. I wanted to be so cool. I went on tumblr a lot.
    The last color I dyed my hair. And I just threw in fucking bangs cause why the fuck not.
  25. Senior year Renee - the growing of the bangs, the start of the fade
    School sucks.
  26. Senior Renee - bye bye ombré
    Let my hair fade out cause school. I hated this period.
  27. Heartbroken Renee - cut my hair
    Yeah I mean I was sick of the dyed hair too.
  28. 18 year old Renee - "mature" look
    Yeah I just wanted my bangs and hair to grow normally
    Idk why but I just kept wanting to change my look so I cut my hair too short.
  30. College Freshman Renee - the growing
    I had this chic short in the back long in the front for me. I felt hot for like one month when it was at the perfect length.
  31. Winter 2015 - Early 2016 - ???
    Yeah I just stoped caring and let nature run its course. Although I did cut my hair so that it was all an even length.
  32. Sophomore year Renee - THE MIDDLE PART
    I would never let myself part my hair like this before. But I DID IT. Cause I wanted to be cool.
  33. Sophomore year continued - the frizz
    Yeah I couldn't control my hair and it was frustrating. I'd go back and forth between parting my hair in the middle or on the side.
  34. A few weeks ago Renee - treatment of the hair
    My hair calmed the fuck down.
  35. Now Renee - loving my crazy hair
    Planning on growing it out. Really glad it calmed the fuck down mainly.