And why I should embrace them rather than pretend they never happened. Each will start with their initials then the lesson is in the description because I'm sentimental like that.
  1. DG
    It's best to be patient and understanding. Don't rush into anything and don't force others to go along your pace. ... communication is more important than you'd realize. It's not always about you.
  2. JA
    Even the most insignificant encounters can follow you wherever you go. Even though something may have only lasted a short time, and how invested you were in it wasn't a lot, it's still a part of your memories and who you are.
  3. WB
    Life can be confusing and happens so fast, you didn't realize things were changing so drastically. Don't feel guilty if how you feel tomorrow contradicts what you felt today.
  4. JA (not the same person as earlier)
    You don't owe anyone anything. Be more honest with yourself. Don't worry about being a good person to someone, especially if it's starting to wear you down.
  5. TH
    Love comes in many forms, and it can change. Your friend can be your lover and then be your friend again. Just because they ended up being your friend again, doesn't mean that love you shared as a couple is invalid. It happened. It existed. It will always be there. But life happens