1. What can I possibly come up with next?
  2. This is not going to come out like I would like it to.
  3. No one is ever going to like this.
  4. Maybe I can turn this into a series of paintings.
  5. Hmm, that might work.
  6. Nope. That sucks.
  7. Crap.
  8. It's too late to start over now.
  9. I've spent too much time on this already.
  10. I need to stop.
  11. I should've stopped an hour ago.
  12. This could still work.
  13. It doesn't look that bad.
  14. That looks good.
  15. Ok. I'm happy with it.
  16. I hope they will like this.
  17. I think they will like this.
  18. I really like it.
  19. Static