For context, I'm in the middle of launching a production company which we'll be jumping into 360 content later this month. Short term, we see ourselves as a production company, long term as a company that kicked off the entrepreneurial & creative community in our own backyard. Things are moving quicker than anticipated and now I have to meet...
  1. Startup Advisor
    Someone's who been through the early stages that can offer specific advise as we head towards fundraising our $eed.
  2. Angel Investor who wants to see a city evolve through his investment..
    Our ideal investor would see the impact we want to have on our community through the work and environment we can develop.
  3. VR Related Startups
    So we can maybe collaborate on shorts or simply see what tools we'll have access to soon to help us continue to think larger.
  4. Any help is appreciated. Comment to contact me.