Thoughts on April
  1. Pics of Easter stuff
    Cute bunnies and an endless assortment of chicks (the animals).
  2. Flowers
    Funniest thing is, I don't have flowers at home nor do I want to have them. The poor ones I once had in a vase died within a week.
  3. Cherry blossoms
    There are no cherry blossoms where I am from. Thus my never-ending string of pictures of them in every angle.
  4. Pics of books
    Currently writing and researching. Whenever I see any book that might contribute to either of these endeavours, it is likely that there will be a picture to remind me to read it later.
  5. Anything related to @john
    I'm attending his concert in London next month and I'm completely bonkers about him. It'll be my first time seeing him. Yesterday's pic was a screenshot of me listening to "Assassin" on Spotify. Plus, he is a major inspiration for my writing. Will talk more about this later.