1. You calling me late in the evening because dad had fat fingered the remote and you couldn't figure out how to get the TV to the correct video source
  2. You falling asleep in the middle of a conversation when I would come to visit
  3. You calling me at work because you said you missed hearing my voice
  4. Me being able to call you and talk during a long car ride
  5. The way your house smelled of whatever you were cooking that day
  6. Your laugh
  7. Your smile
  8. The way you would yell Dad's name so loud when he wouldn't answer your initial call
  9. How tiny you were, barely 4'11
  10. How all I had to do was call and you and Dad were right over tonhelp
  11. Your hair and how you were always teasing me that you were going to get a perm
  12. Your love for me
  13. You were the one person that I knew would always pick up the phone when I called
  14. The way you filled me in on everything going on in my hometown
  15. I miss your voice
  16. Most of all I just miss being able to see your face