In no particular order
  1. Hollywood Babble-On
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    While I casually listen to other podcasts on the Smodcast Network, HBO is consistently the most entertaining live show.
  2. Nerdist
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    Chris Hardwick built the Nerdist empire, and is the hardest working person in fandom. Best interview show around.
  3. The Half Hour Happy Hour
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    The newest podcast added to my regular rotation. Been a fan of Alex Albrect since the days of Diggnation and The Totally Rad Show.
  4. Doug Loves Movies
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    I've been introduced to more comedians because of their guest appearances on DLM than from any other sources. Whatever you do, don't yell "Amy Adams!"
  5. Radiolab
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    The NPR show in podcast form. Well produced, and endlessly fascinating stories.
  6. Beyond Tweeting
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    I'm somewhat involved with this one, as I wrote the foreword to David's book that this podcast is based around. Haven't been a guest yet; hopefully my schedule allows for it sooner than later!