Thoughts of my goldendoodle

We got a goldendoodle and I thought he would have this calvin and hobbes thing with my son, instead he is mine. I have a voice for him, its weird but people seem to accept it. I would like to think he is the type of dog that demands elegance but doesn't deserve it. He's not particularly clever but cute in the way that makes you kind of angry.
  1. "Do you like my new haircut?"
    (I mean, this could be the worst haircut I have ever seen on a dog but he has no clue)
  2. "Don't judge me"
    (Sleeping in my much smaller dog's bed)
  3. "Throw this"
  4. <<snoring>>
    (Playing hide and seek)
  5. "Move over"
  6. "Move over"
  7. "Move over"
  8. "Nope!"
  9. "Hey...that looks like my dog"
  10. "Get off your phone"