This Halloween marked the 1 year anniversary of the friendship between myself and a girl who is now one of my closest pals. WHAT A RIDE THIS YEAR HAS BEEN. Let's see how far we've come.
  1. Making each other mix CD's
    Typically following the generic "interests" convo.
  2. Going on gym runs together
    You know it's getting real when you let yourselves sweat like animals in front of each other.
  3. First time getting trashed together
    Inebriation creates special bonds. Point of no return.
  4. Having lazy days together
    This is code for "beating the hangover together."
  5. Getting into all the gritty details of each other's sex lives
  6. Getting into all the gritty details of each other's romantic lives
    Significantly worse than the former, contrary to popular belief.
  7. Peeing in the same room
  8. When your shitty nicknames finally stick
  9. Picking up small mannerisms and catchphrases from each other
  10. Meeting the college friends they always talk about
    And finally being able to put faces to all those names!
  11. Showing up at their place without calling ahead
    Because either you know when they're home or at this point you already have a key to their front door.