Helping the survivors of ISIS - Iraq's elite fighters struggle to provide humanitarian relief
  1. Breaking ISIS
    Iraqi commandos flushed ISIS out of Ramadi and are now struggling to evacuate citizens who were in hiding . The next battle, in the tight streets of Mosul, may be even harder. http://reut.tv/20cZ6yi
  2. China’s stumble
    The world is very worried about China’s economy. Three good reasons: Debt is piling up, consumers aren’t spending and government is under fire. http://reut.tv/1OEja5q
  3. #Twitterdown
    Twitter suffered a widespread outage with problems reported across Europe, the Middle East and North America. The company blamed a technical problem. Investors were unforgiving. http://reut.tv/1WsgEEk
  4. The man. The plan.
    We’ve seen enough Luther to not want to make Idris Elba mad, so Hollywood should heed his plan to create a more diverse entertainment industry. http://reut.tv/1P3YXJX
  5. Slamming on Merkel
    Angela Merkel opened Germany’s door to migrants. Now, the polls are dismal and the crisis has opened another door – for rivals’ calls to scrap the plan. http://reut.tv/1RyzNoT