Is Ted Cruz taking his eye off Iowa?
  1. State hopping
    Ted Cruz is rolling the dice with a 5-day bus tour in New Hampshire just days before the first contest in Iowa. It’s a choice that’s raising eyebrows and possibly giving Trump a chance to close the deal.
  2. Pointed points of view
    Our latest insight from the campaign trail – understanding that where Trump critics see hate, supporters see honesty in a politically correct world.
  3. Gender-mending
    In a remote Norwegian village, males seeking asylum attend a class to understand cultural norms and western women. It’s not without controversy.
  4. The smog of war
    Most Chinese cities are still not cutting enough lethal particles out of their air, but the country is showing small progress in its war on pollution.
  5. Now, stop reading!
    And take a deep breath. A mindfulness expert gives us a quick course in breath surfing.