Why the polls can’t be trusted in Iowa
  1. Iowa poll dancing
    Who’s leading in Iowa? Reuters’ Chris Kahn says it’s impossible to know, as the caucus system and sample sizes are making for some very dubious poll results. http://reut.tv/23kkTXp
  2. Hawaii Oh-No
    Kim Jong Un may not be able to shoot straight just yet but that’s not stopping the U.S. military from planning to put a missile defense outpost in Hawaii. http://www.reuters.tv/UUm
  3. Role reversal
    Remember when Eric Cantor was the guy critics said was dangerous? Now he’s a banker and not particularly enthusiastic about the idea of President Trump. http://reut.tv/1UhnYBk
  4. Subtle signals
    If you’re Taiwan’s new president Tsai In-wen, which is worse: a vicious spam attack demanding reunification or a menacing military drill off your coast? http://reut.tv/1ZSUali
  5. Curfew in Tunisia
    Tunisia emerged from the Arab Spring as a model of reform but a lack of jobs has sparked protests and worries it’s now a target for jihadi recruiters. http://reut.tv/1Sah8yq