Trump and Cruz, Hillary and Bernie and the last-minute dogfights of the Iowa caucus
  1. Crunch time in Iowa
    Iowa’s highways will be crowded with giant, garishly-painted campaign buses, as candidates desperately try to inspire supporters to come out on caucus night. http://reut.tv/1K7r8at
  2. Seeking safety
    Pink diamonds, fine wine and Hong Kong apartments – that’s the new shopping list for China’s worried wealthy. http://reut.tv/1UnibdI
  3. McDonald’s English breakfast
    What hero would save McDonald’s from shrinking sales? From the looks of its quarterly results, it’s a Brit who struck gold serving breakfast all day. http://reut.tv/1Unik0D
  4. ‘Shakespeare ain’t easy’
    That’s Sir Ian McKellen’s tough love on why actually reading Shakespeare isn’t the best introduction to his work. http://bit.ly/23phWER