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Oh man, my favorite!
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I enjoy these (started in April, will be restarting soon)
i don't get assigned book lists anymore so I'm taking initiative
  1. Unfinished..:
    Em and the Big Hoom, Jerry Pinto; Open City, Teju Cole; On the Small Backs of Children, ___;
  2. The Thing Around Your Neck, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
    (summer '16) Dopeeeee anthologies encompassing varied African experiences. Wanna buy!
  3. You Can't be Neutral on a Neutral on a Moving Train, Howard Zinn
    (summer '16) Inspired me to become an activist because Zinn is that amazing
13 more...
today was exceptionally good, and I know why
  1. talking with mom
    After weeks of dodging each other, not only did my mom and I talk at length over the phone, but we skyped. I saw her and she saw me, but more importantly we saw how happy we were to see each other and I think it's important that happened. She smiled so many times I lost count, and I made her laugh, and sigh, and roll her eyes. I missed that
  2. walking in the rain
    halfway to trader joes on foot in (what seemed like) nice weather, i was on my way to do some much needed shopping...then it started pouring rain. normally, I would contemplate my bad luck and go home. But today, i felt good after talking to my mom, so i kept walking. all the way to TJoe's. in the pouring rain, laughing and singing out loud. I was just as happy as I was soaked
  3. travel
    There's no better way to end the day than discussing my fantasies of dropping everything and traveling (to Paris ) over dinner (home-cooked) and with Marcus (the fave)
FINALLY all the randoms I save come in handy
  1. Tyler, the Creator
    In this GIF, as in many others, Tyler is my sunshine, my carefree black boy, the one who brings me smiles & dope music. Tyler's vibe in this GIF epitomizes what i'm striving for this summer
  2. movie still
    this movie (short) isn't available anywhere in the US/online yet, but i instantly fell in love with their love when I saw the picture. my heart is happy when i look at it
  3. Tinoni
    this is my best friend and all around fave. I love him and he loves me and i am continually grateful for his existence. he keeps me sane
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