5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

FINALLY all the randoms I save come in handy
  1. Tyler, the Creator
    In this GIF, as in many others, Tyler is my sunshine, my carefree black boy, the one who brings me smiles & dope music. Tyler's vibe in this GIF epitomizes what i'm striving for this summer
  2. movie still
    this movie (short) isn't available anywhere in the US/online yet, but i instantly fell in love with their love when I saw the picture. my heart is happy when i look at it
  3. Tinoni
    this is my best friend and all around fave. I love him and he loves me and i am continually grateful for his existence. he keeps me sane
  4. We on a ultralight beam
    a moment of silence for the song that enriched my soul.
  5. Soaring, Flying
    I want to travel more, I want to see different places, I want to be different people. I want moments like this where i can contemplate whether the place I am headed is where I need to be.