This list is for every time I stress-eat gas station food or cry in my car.
  1. My dog waits until he thinks my husband and I are asleep before crawling in the bed with us and sharing a pillow.
    He either really loves us or has zero respect.
  2. Skipping around the Firestone while I waited for my car's oil to get changed and chit-chatting with my dad on the phone.
    He is the 2nd person I can be most honest with and way cooler than me.
  3. I made a funny af and sarcastic joke at my new job and luckily my superiors caught on and laughed
  4. I rubbed two puppy bellies at once today while sitting on the porch of my parents' house in the woods.
  5. I bought a heating pad
  6. I'm putting my cold toes on my husband's warm toes
  7. It's thundering loud and good while I'm getting ready to doze off. I also had a calm day at work and ate some 👌 nachos