iOS 9 introduced a new “Screenshots” album in the Photos app, and I haven't cleaned out my phone in the past year. Let’s dive in!
  1. Ten years ago we had Steve Jobs; one year ago we had some different apps.
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  2. Another app from 2014
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  3. We tested new features before they launched.
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  4. And did some fact-checking.
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  5. I never did find out what the deal was here.
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  6. One year ago we had jobs.
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  7. Questions were asked.
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  8. I watched some Netflix.
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  9. And some more.
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  10. Bugs were filed.
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  11. Games were played, won.
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  12. Questions were asked and answered.
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  13. Quality was assured.
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  14. وأكد جودة
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  15. Takes were offered.
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  16. The New York Times did a weird bird taxidermy Snapchat Story.
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  17. This was also from the NYT Snapchat Story.
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  18. I went hiking and found the coolest app ever to track the position of the sun.
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  19. Questions were asked.
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  20. Earnings results were shared.
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  21. I asked for help with the Crossword.
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  22. These things started turning up everywhere, with probably many more coming.
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  23. Rides arrived
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  24. Brands propositioned
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  25. I joined a community of La Croix drinkers
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  26. For security purposes, my account was locked.
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  27. We crafted the span in a breathtaking way.
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