iOS 9 introduced a new “Screenshots” album in the Photos app, and I haven't cleaned out my phone in the past year. Let’s dive in!
  1. Ten years ago we had Steve Jobs; one year ago we had some different apps.
  2. Another app from 2014
  3. We tested new features before they launched.
  4. And did some fact-checking.
  5. I never did find out what the deal was here.
  6. One year ago we had jobs.
  7. Questions were asked.
  8. I watched some Netflix.
  9. And some more.
  10. Bugs were filed.
  11. Games were played, won.
  12. Questions were asked and answered.
  13. Quality was assured.
  14. وأكد جودة
  15. Takes were offered.
  16. The New York Times did a weird bird taxidermy Snapchat Story.
  17. This was also from the NYT Snapchat Story.
  18. I went hiking and found the coolest app ever to track the position of the sun.
  19. Questions were asked.
  20. Earnings results were shared.
  21. I asked for help with the Crossword.
  22. These things started turning up everywhere, with probably many more coming.
  23. Rides arrived
  24. Brands propositioned
  25. I joined a community of La Croix drinkers
  26. For security purposes, my account was locked.
  27. We crafted the span in a breathtaking way.