1. I had a doctors appointment yesterday
  2. I was worried about my blood pressure
  3. I have been taking my medicine but I haven't been taking care of my diet
  4. She was happy with my blood pressure which made sense since I was taking my medicine.
  5. She was not happy with my blood sugar levels. They were borderline.
  6. She told me no more carbs.
  7. She wants me to eat proteins fruits and vegetables and that's it
  8. That means breads, potatoes, and rice are no longer allowed in my diet.
  9. She said to eat three meals a day and small snacks twice a day
  10. She suggested snacks like yogurt, vegetables with hummus, cheese.
  11. That means no more granola bars and pop tarts and cereal for breakfast.
  12. That means no pizza or sandwiches for lunch.
  13. I'm not sure how I'm going to eat now.