1. Jon Hamm.
    this needs very little if any explanation. he is jon Hamm and he should consider dating me.
  2. Leonardo Dicaprio.
    i just saw an article about Leo speaking in Italian to the pope. I don't speak Italian and I don't even really like spaghetti but I think Leo might enjoy dating me if he considered it.
  3. Bill Hader.
    as one of the seven women in the world who find bill incredibly attractive, he should absolutely take dating me into consideration.
  4. Justin Bieber.
    I have my doubts that we would get along for a few minutes, let alone an entire date, but biebs seems to like conflict and should therefore put thought into dating me.
  5. Jordy Nelson.
    technically not a celebrity and technically married with kids--please date me.
  6. Dave Franco.
    I've seen neighbors twice and both times I liked it better than whoever I was watching it with and so I think Dave would like dating me.
  7. James Franco.
    maybe mrs Franco would love me, we don't know for sure unless one of the Franco brothers considers me as a life partner.