1. Parent Trap.
    what kind of parents agree to never see their child again?!?
  2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.
    I'm supposed to believe they fell in love after a WEEK--six days of which she was an intolerably needy basket case?!
  3. Serendipity.
    no movie should stress me out so much
  4. Legally Blonde.
    Elle got a 175 on her LSAT after a single studying montage, submitted a video essay to HARVARD, and finds a nail salon that is not operated by Vietnamese women--enough said
  5. The Princess Diaries.
    who puts m&ms on pizza?
  6. Can't Buy Me Love.
    it's simply too implausible that dr mcdreamy was a nerd in high school
  7. Grease.
    the moral is to change who you are for love. also, how does sandy fit into that leather outfit? why is everyone at the school so musically talented? where are these kids' parents?
  8. The Proposal.
    people who hate each other do not suddenly love each other. that is not the way the world works