1. what an outrageously cluttered mess
  2. how many unmatched socks can one person have?
  3. do you think this girl knows how to spell maintenance?
    do you think she had to google it eventually?
  4. did she want us to see bras or does she just have no sense of shame?
    also, are those training bras or..?
  5. one stuffed dog is borderline weird, two is downright troubling
  6. but seriously, did she even TRY to tidy up before we came here?
  7. is this a receipt from mission taco from six months ago?
    why is it on the floor?
  8. I wonder if this chick likes Audrey Hepburn
  9. wait, is that another bin of unmatched socks??
  10. do you think she'll notice if we use this vest to collect water?
    (yes, boys. I will notice.)
  11. alright just put this bucket down and let's get the hell out of here