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I'm moving into my first one bedroom in June and I think these will be the best things about it
  1. never hearing keys in the door
  2. peacefully napping on the sofa
  3. full control over the contents of fridge
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  1. ?
  2. Lord Montague
  3. Wisdom teeth
  4. Tyvek suit
  1. I took a muscle relaxer last night and again just now for my jaw clenching
  2. I stood for many hours at a printing press
  3. I stood for many hours learning to paint scenic backdrops
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  1. Inhaling
    Those automatic flushers, the open plan stalls, and heated blowers you use to dry your hands are a recipe for one thing: airborne pee particles
  2. Flossing
    I don't care how good it feels to floss, you for sure have a car where you can do that
  3. Eye contact
    Being in here is a living nightmare and the only way to ride it out is to act like it's not happening
  1. ET pillow I thought I might steal
  2. Self portrait I took when I was 14
  3. Vanity plate I liked
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